Škoda Auto to Transfer Roomster Production from Kvasiny to Vrchlabi

MLADA BOLESLAV, Czech Republic - Škoda Auto will move production of the Roomster from its Kvasiny plant to its factory in Vrchlabi in early January.

This latter plant, employing some 100 workers, produced a sole model, the Octavia Tour, until it was phased out in October. Welding and painting of the Roomster would remain at Kvasiny because Vrchlabi does not have the required technology. The first Vrchlabi-built Roomsters will roll off the line in only a few weeks.

Additionally, Škoda Auto plans to increase production capacity in 2011, by adding one shift each week in Q1 2011 for the assembly of the Octavia. The company will rebuild and extend the production line at its main plant in Mlada Boleslav, so it can produce more Octavias.

Vrchlabi has not produced automobiles since October